Safer Sky For Drones

An Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system

The digital platform solution for drone permit registration and monitoring services; the pioneer in the field, by Malaysian, for Malaysia.

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Why Malaysia needs LOOKA ?


Lawmaker and enforcer play a big part in enforcing the law to protect the safety and well-being of people. Thus, by having LOOKA System in place will greatly help in executing their roles.


LOOKA system application is just a click away for users to plan their flight, apply for flight approval, and many other features that will greatly benefit the drone users in term of time and cost consumption.


LOOKA always look for the best technology, quickest advancement, and simplest procedure to leverage time and cost for our UTM System.

Drone Density

We foresee that usage of drones will be exponentially higher in these coming few years. With higher density, it is crucial and a necessity to have a monitoring system (most preferably – LOOKA System) in place.

Deployment Time

LOOKA is able to cut down the current processing period from 14 days to 30 mins; 24 hours depending to authority approval.

Drone Safety

Drone costs a lot of money and its safety affects people, structure, and environment around them. For LOOKA, drone safety is one of our main priorities.

What we offer ?

Real-Time Data Update

We are working on making the tracking and location data broadcasting to be done on real time to alert drone operators about the airspace traffic.

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About Us

We provide the digital solution for drone permit registration and monitoring services; the pioneer and truly Malaysian.

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