Unmanned Traffic Management System

Malaysia is seeing an advancement in the unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology these past few years and few applications have been deployed in various fields that includes, but not limited to agriculture, military, surveillance, disaster management parcel delivery, constructions and recreational.


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) usually comprises of two types of aircraft, which commonly referred as “drones”:

  • Remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), remotely controlled by an operator from the ground-control station
  • Autonomous UAV without remote pilot


Most drones operate in the very low level (VLL) airspace, which usually spans about 150 m from sea-level, where no aircraft traffic management (ATM) system is provided. The uncontrolled airspace is share with other users such as General Aviation, helicopters, gliders, balloons, and microlight. Therefore, an integrated system needs to be provided for a systematic flight plan to be executed to ensure the safety of airspace users and the general public.

Our Solution

An Integrated live monitoring of UAS traffic operating in predefined airspace where the operators able to track, updating positions of their drones in precise gps coordinate together with the operating altitude.

LOOKA system consists of two main components, software and hardware which are integrated in a form of transponder and connected with a unique LOOKA telecommunication module. This integration will allow a bird-eye view of other drones operating within the same area thus supplying operators with additional information on safety alert, detect and avoid basis on real-time.

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We provide the digital solution for drone permit registration and monitoring services; the pioneer and truly Malaysian.

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